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California Tax Board

Don’t give more to Uncle Sam than necessary! The California Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights ensures that the rights of California taxpayers are always protected. If you’ve been unable to resolve a tax problem, we’re here to get the job done.

International Tax

Every border that’s crossed presents its own set of offshore disclosure and tax compliance complexities. Our attorneys, however, can easily guide you through the international tax maze.

Tax Controversies

Taxpayers in California must comply with a complex array of state and federal laws, and incorrect filings can lead to serious financial problems at home and work. Our attorneys possess have the experience and knowledge to make sure you land in the best possible position.

Tax Audits

Nothing strikes fear more than receiving and IRS Examination Letter in the mail. The understanding of state laws and interpretation of federal tax law and regulations is key for a successful audit outcome. Our skilled attorneys have the skills and know-how you need.

Tax Law Los Angeles is an experienced tax resolution team that’s served the area for a long time. With us guiding the way, you’ll be able to put your tax problems to rest.

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